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No. Title
1 2014-09-04 景德鎮巿政管線歸一
2 2014-09-04 蘇城巿約5千公里地下管線信息將全面入庫
3 2014-09-03 四川出臺意見 鼓勵民間資本參與城鎮地下管線建設
4 2014-09-01 日照巿地下管線進行普查並建檔
5 2014-09-01 武漢地下管網明年建數據庫
6 2014-07-15 北京地下13管線處於無人看顧狀態
7 Partnering Event with MTR Corporation Limited
8 US&A 提供全方位服務
US&A provide full-service portfolio
9 「升降機槽工程安全技術研討會」(指引第3卷—整段樓宇佔用期間)
10 US & Associates Consulting Company Limited was successfully named the Better World Company
11 Caring Company 2009-2010
12 “CSR CARE” 計劃啟動儀式暨企業社會責任研討會
13 Dress Special Day 2009
14 Tin Shui Wai Internship Programme
15 The 5th Fu Hong Society Charity Walkathon

In 2005, Utilities Specialist and engineer, Dr. King Wong, set up his consulting engineering business in Hong Kong. In the past few years, the business has grown into local consulting firm of a wide scope …  [Detail]
To be the leading Global Strategic Advisor in Utilities related projects and other type of projects to the municipal, governmental, construction, facilities management, property management Industries.

To empower Clients with the ultimate competitive advantages in all types of projects through the provisions of supreme strategic planning, project management know-how and sustainable technologies and methods.   [Detail]