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No. Title
1 [蘋果日報 2011/03/07] 八方人物:棟篤笑工程師立志上位
2 [星島日報 2010/01/23] 香港嘆都‧香港碳都 – 80 後的迷思
3 [明報 2010/01/08] 官民高鐵方案 分歧在車站規模

In 2005, Utilities Specialist and engineer, Dr. King Wong, set up his consulting engineering business in Hong Kong. In the past few years, the business has grown into local consulting firm of a wide scope …  [Detail]
To be the leading Global Strategic Advisor in Utilities related projects and other type of projects to the municipal, governmental, construction, facilities management, property management Industries.

To empower Clients with the ultimate competitive advantages in all types of projects through the provisions of supreme strategic planning, project management know-how and sustainable technologies and methods.   [Detail]